A New Patient and Name Changes

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Oct 11, 2020

Good morning everyone!


I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy on this Sunday morning.  The skies are grey, but the air is clean and crisp where I live.  The leaves are radiant with color despite the cloudy skies. 


Last Monday, I had picked up tapeworm medicine for Blackface on my way to work, but I had to wait until he had finished all of his medications before I was able to apply it between his head and neck.  We finally finished his medications last Wednesday, so I was able to treat his tapeworms the next morning. 


I realized on Friday morning that every fur baby was medication free except for Holden.  Holden takes a little pill in the mornings for his heart murmur.  The pills are so small that I can easily put them in a Pounce treat.  All of my fur babies get treats in the mornings.  However, one more fur baby will be in the "Medication Club" this coming Wednesday.


I took Tuesday and Wednesday off work this week because Small Jr. is going to get spayed on Tuesday.  My veterinarian only does surgeries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the soonest I could get Small Jr. in was on October 13.  Originally, Blackface was also going to get neutered, but my veterinarian wants to do more bloodwork on him to make sure all is well before we proceed.  


I got my flu shot this past Wednesday.  I was feeling fine until yesterday.  It may have been because I did not sleep well the night before, but shortly after I got up and picked up my groceries, I took a long nap.  I need to be kind to myself whenever I feel crummy because I cannot afford to get sick.  This week is going to be a little crazy because of Small Jr.'s spay, but I feel like I am better prepared of what to expect.  Lately, Hope and Holden have been sleeping with Small Jr. and I in the spare room, so they have volunteered to be my little helpers for the next few weeks.  


Last week, my husband and I decided to change the names of Blackface and Small Jr.  Those names were more like descriptor names.  Blackface is now named Frank/Frankie, and Small Jr. is now named Frances/Frannie.  These two kittens have been inseparable since day one.  They almost act like twins.  So, after this post, I will use the new names.


Today is day 111 of nicotine freedom.  I have no desire to smoke today.  It seems like it finally clicked, at least I hope so. 




Hope and Frances having some girl time.


Pictured are Hope and Frances having some girl time. 10/5/20