When it rains, it pours, but we're staying dry!

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Oct 4, 2020

Good afternoon everyone,


I apologize for the delay in posting an update.  The week flew by.  Luckily, my step group is not meeting this afternoon, so I am able to spend some time with you all.


This past Wednesday, my veterinarian called me about the results of Blackface's urine sample.  The results were as follows: his concentrating ability was very good.  His Ph level was slightly acidic (6.5), and there was slight protein and microscopic blood in his urine.  The solution: increase water intake, continue mixing the urinary care cat food with the Friskies cat food, and continue giving him his meds.


Blackface quickly figured out that the pills were not treats.  So, I started breaking the capsules and mixing the powder in with a tiny bit of water and using a dropper.  He does not mind the dropper because his antibiotic is in liquid form.  I have extra water bowls set up around the house, and I also started using a second Aqua Cube.  My veterinarian said that the urinary care cat food will also help.  The urinary care cat food is supposed to make cats thirsty. 


Just when I thought the week was going to get calmer, I discovered another problem.


This past Thursday, I found worms in someone's vomit while I was getting ready for work.  It happened once before, but I thought someone ate something that did not digest (like carpet fibers).  When I got to work, I researched what I found online, only to discover that what I saw were roundworms.  I called the vet and headed in that direction to get dewormer.  I was not sure who it was, but I knew that I had to deworm everyone.  


I thought it was going to be an easy process to deworm everyone, but the process was brutal.  I missed a few times on each fur baby because the dewormer shot out of the syringes like a bullet, and we could not catch Small Jr. 


I went back to the vet the next morning (this past Friday) to get five more syringes of dewormer.  On my way to work, I came up with an idea: I would shoot the dewormer in a little food dish, then use a dropper to give the meds.  But, before I did that, I would somehow have to find a way to catch Small Jr.  


My husband bought a trap before he headed home.  We had it set up downstairs in the basement, but I found out a short time later that Small Jr. had escaped.  After many attempts in trying to catch her, she finally ran into the spare room upstairs.  We set the trap in there (I would remove it the next morning because I came up with a better idea).  She also had her own litter box and a water bowl.  My husband had placed a can of wet cat food in the trap.


The next morning (yesterday), I checked on Small Jr.  She had not touched the litter box.  She was still laying in a corner of the spare room.  I decided to remove the wet food, and got a bowl of the dry cat food mixture.  I then realized that it pointless to trap her if I could simply give her the dewormer while she was in the corner.  


My plan worked.  Small Jr. got dewormed.  She was fantastic.  


I took the trap out of the spare room.  I decided to leave her in the spare room until she gets spayed the 13th.  I spent the night with her last night, and I am going to continue to do so until she recovers from her spay.  


Shortly after this victory, I discovered that Blackface had little worms coming out of him.  They looked like rice.  My coworker and good friend Lisa told me that they were tapeworms.  I called the after hours vet clinic number, but no one called back.  My plan tomorrow morning is to call the vet and see if the dewormer that I have will take care of all the worms.  


So, here we are, on Sunday afternoon.  


While getting breakfast ready for all of the fur babies this morning, I thought of how many cigarettes I used to smoke in the mornings.  I still cannot picture myself smoking today. 




Small Jr. discovering a new way to play.


Pictured is Small Jr. discovering a new way to play. 9/22/20