100 Days of Smobriety and Blackface's Recovery

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Sep 30, 2020

Good morning everyone! 


I have noticed that every time an anniversary comes around, something big happens that tests me.  This past weekend was no exception.  


This past Saturday, my husband said a hurtful comment.  He accused me of caring more about our cats than about him.  The tension between us lasted all evening and into Sunday.  I normally have step group on Sunday afternoons, but my sponsor texted the group before the meeting to let us know that she was really sick.  So, the cats and I spent the day taking it easy and watching a few episodes of Ballykissangel-Series Four.  


After supper, I noticed that Blackface kept going in and out of the litter boxes.  While he was in the litter box, he would only urinate a little bit.  I knew in my gut that something was off, so I called the after hours phone number of our veterinarian.  My regular veterinarian happened to be on call.  He told me to keep watching him and to call him back if anything changed.  While I was watching him, I saw him passing blood clots.  I immediately called the after hours phone number again.  My veterinarian told me to bring him to the clinic early in the morning.


My very good friend and coworker April met Blackface and I at the clinic Monday morning.  After they took him inside, I lost it.  I felt so bad for Blackface.  I had no idea what was wrong and why.


Shortly after 10am, my veterinarian called me.  Blackface was going to come home with three medications (one in liquid form, two in tablet form).  His bloodwork was good, but his liver enzymes were elevated.  We have to return to the vet to repeat bloodwork in 4 to 6 weeks.  He will get neutered at a later date.  Originally, I had scheduled both Blackface and Small Jr. to get neutered and spayed (I think Small Jr. is a girl) October 13, but now I will only get Small Jr. spayed.  He also had a significant fever.  They gave him fluids, an antibiotic injection, a fever reducing injection, an antispasmodic medication, and a pain medication.  He was also treated for ear mites.  His leukemia and FIV tests were negative.  Blackface was also going to come home with a syringe and beads to put in a litter box to see if I could get a urine sample from him, along with special dry food.    


The veterinarian had no idea why this happened.


April picked up Blackface from the vet (I paid my bill over the phone) and took him back to the main library.  After work, I picked up Blackface at the main library and headed home.  My husband sat with him in the spare room while I was getting the rest of my things from my car.  Before I opened the door, my husband said, "Wait a minute...ok."  Blackface was awake and ready to play.  He had been asleep while he was at the main library and on our way home.  I poured the beads in an empty litter box.  My husband and I spent some time with him before we let him have some privacy so he could pee and eat.


A short time later, while I was getting the food and water bowls from outside, I peeked into the window of the spare room.  Blackface had peed in the litter box.  I shared the good news with my husband, and the two of us headed back to the spare room so I could collect the urine sample while my husband played with Blackface.  Blackface was now able to spend time with the rest of his siblings.  


Yesterday morning (I woke up at 3:45am and could not get back to sleep), I tried to get all of the cats to eat separately, but the task was impossible.  I then thought of the idea of mixing the special dry food with their Friskies.  Everyone seemed happy with their food.  My cats are so used to grazing all day, so the thought of feeding them only in the morning and in the evening made me nervous.  Most of the time, they eat while my husband and I are gone.  Then came the two capsules.  I put his two capsules in my hand with Pounce treats.  Blackface ate everything.  I did not even have to break the pills.  His antibiotic in the dropper was easy, too!  


Blackface did not want me to leave for work.  I promised him that I would be home soon.  I did not have to make any stops on my way home.       


We are still waiting on the results from his urine sample.  I am nervous.  I hope we do not receive more bad news.


More than one person has told me that if I had not brought Blackface and Small Jr. inside, Blackface would have disappeared.  


Today, I celebrate one hundred days of smobriety.  Thank you all for being a part of this special day.



Blackface chilling and loving being an indoor kitten.             


Pictured is Blackface chilling and loving being an indoor kitten. 9/22/20