Reasons to Celebrate

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Sep 10, 2020

Good morning everyone!


I wanted to pop on here real quick to let you all know that I have been smoke free for 80 days!  I will be an Elder again in twenty days (Do you all celebrate Elder status?)! 


I feel like this quit will be the one that finally sticks.  First, I chose my quit day as the same day my fur baby girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge (Her picture is my avatar.).  I had quit smoking before she suddenly passed, and I want to be smoke free when we meet again.  Second, I have you all for support.  This site has so much to offer that I will easily get lost (You all will have to help me find my way back!)!  Third, I feel like I finally have a quit plan.  I just have to remember to document it on here.


I also want to celebrate elvan.  When I first arrived here, she and I connected immediately.  Ellen, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  You are such a kind person, and you always take the time to talk to me.  It made my day yesterday when you reached out to me because you had not seen me.  You are a very special person, and I think of you as a friend.  


We are all reasons to celebrate today!  Have a wonderful day everyone! 




Hope fully recovered after her spay.


Pictured is Hope fully recovered after her spay. 9/9/20