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Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Aug 29, 2020

Good afternoon everyone,


The Trio (Holden, Cheddar, and Hope) chillin' on a Friday night.


I was going to post earlier, but I found out that I forgot to refill one of my prescriptions.  Then, I discovered that the script was sent to the town where I work, which is about an hour from home.  As I was pulling out of the driveway, my husband called and asked where I was going.  I explained the situation, and he offered to go with me.  It was a very nice trip.  The weather was beautiful: blue skies, the morning sun, fluffy white clouds.  After I picked up my medication, we went next door to the hardware store to visit our friend.  She is sometimes off on Saturdays, so we were lucky to catch her today.


Yesterday morning, Hope got her stitches removed.  Our veterinarian said that restrictions were no longer needed.  She was healed!  Our appointment was originally scheduled for this morning, but I wanted my veterinarian to look at her since she had a rough recovery.  He was not scheduled to work today.   


Work will feel different now that Hope will not be next to me.  It will take a while to get used to not having my lunch buddy.  I am just grateful that she has her freedom back.


My husband and I just had brunch.  He made bacon and pancakes.  Holden is laying on my lap, and I am having ice cream.  It has been a good day.


I hope you all are having a good Saturday!




Pictured is The Trio (Holden, Cheddar, and Hope) taking it easy last night. 8/28/20