I am about ready to give up.

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Aug 15, 2020

Hey guys,


I apologize for not being on here since Wednesday.  I thought things were looking up for my fur baby kitten Hope, but I discovered that she only had two stitches Thursday morning.  I took a picture of her belly and e-mailed it to the vet.  They called me a little bit later and told me that I needed to bring her in.


So, once again, Hope and I headed to the vet.  She had a fever.  The veterinarian glued the incision, put a onesie on her (at my request, which later proved to be disastrous), gave me a liquid antibiotic to give to Hope (dropper included) as soon as we got home, and sent us on our way.  


She struggled with the onesie.  When we came home from the vet, she started to violently jump around.  I put her back in her carrier and headed to the spare room.  Hours later, when I let her out of her carrier so she could potty (she did not potty), she jumped around again.  I did not want her to hurt herself, so back into the carrier she went.  They gave me pain meds on Tuesday (when she got spayed), so I broke open a capsule and gave half of the powder to her (as instructed) in a treat later that evening, along with a dose of antibiotics.  She did drink some water in her carrier beforehand.  I spent the night with her in the spare room.


Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, Hope managed to untie the butt part of the onesie, so she and I decided to take it off.  She could not go potty in it.  I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, so I was going to check her incision when I got home.  She got another dose of antibiotics before I left.  When I came back from the doctor, my husband and I checked her incision again.  Everything looked good.  She and I spent the day chilling out and watching Pluto TV.  I did not put her back in her carrier until bedtime, after she got her pain meds and antibiotics.  She only licked the incision a few times, so she had a good day.


Sometime between Friday night and this morning, Hope licked her incision, causing half of the glue to come off.  The bottom stitch was also missing (she only had two stitiches).  Back to the vet we went.  This was the third trip this week.


When we got there, they had to gas her and restitch her.  They sent me home with more antibiotics.  I asked them to put the cone on for me (I brought the cone and the onesie with me), because my husband and I were not successful when we had tried to put it on her when she first came home from surgery. 


Since we have been home today, she has managed to pull herself out of the cone numerous times.  I think all of the stitches are still intact, but the end of her incision was a little red from her licking it (I was in the shower when she pulled the cone off again).  After getting her cone back on and placing her in her carrier (it was a battle in the bathroom), I gave her more pain meds.  She has been resting since.


I feel like an absolute failure.  I hope she knows that I do not want to hurt her.  We are back in the spare room. 


I feel like hurting myself for hurting her, and my first thought is smoking.  I do not deserve to be healthy.


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