New and Slightly Overwhelmed

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Aug 2, 2020

Holden (tuxedo cat), Cheddar (orange tabby cat), and Hope (black kitten) hanging out by the kitchen sink.Good morning everyone,


My name is Jen.  Some people know me as Jen H. on Quitnet and NOPE365.  I wanted to try this site out because I miss a lot of people from Quitnet, and I also want to continue to build my smober support circle by meeting new people.


It is no secret that I struggle with my nicotine addiction.  My last relapse occurred in early May.  I was sad.  I was angry.  I was hurt.  I was scared.  I was overwhelmed.  My addiction spoke louder than my heart and mind telling me that smoking does more harm than good.

I have nothing to hide, for addiction always seems to reveal itself eventually. No matter how many times I fall, I always get back up.


My June 22 quit date is for my sweet fur baby girl Hannah.  She is my profile picture.  Whenever I get a craving, I will think of her.  I was smoke free when she passed away three years ago that day, but relapsed after I found her.


This site has a lot to offer, which is the reason why I am a little overwhelmed.  I will be off work for vacation August 8 through August 16, so I will have a lot of time to explore. 


If you were on Quitnet, please feel free to reach out and follow me.  If I do not know you, please do the same.  I will follow you all back.


I am looking forward to continuing my smobriety journey with the EXCommunity.




Pictured is Holden (tuxedo cat age 14), Cheddar (orange tabby cat age 2), and Hope (black kitten 4 months old) hanging out by the kitchen sink. 7/15/20