Still Here!!

Blog Post created by CarynS on Jul 11, 2019

It's been like 5 months-ish and going well.

No man's land is the thing to concur this days. Most days are fine, menstrual days are worse for cravings but manageable. 

There was another poster that had talked about hypothyroidism post smokiing. I agree with that poster- this is really not explored well here when folks talk about hunger and weight gain. It's a much more prevalent thing in people that quit smoking. I'm working through that as well. If you're struggling with that, research elsewhere and talk to your  doctor, but dont fall for the NRT path.

Quitting smoking is hard on the body. So I'm staying strong but some of the promises on how great quitting is weren't true. It's easier to know the truth, I would have been more prepared for some of the other issues that pop up in no man's land. It did help to give it a name.

Wishing all well. Stay strong- smoking will still kill you.