1 month down

Blog Post created by CarynS on Mar 31, 2019

The terrible brain fog is over. That was harder than I remember it being before. I attribute that to the cold turkey vs. NRT quit. Good news is that I can actually poop without nicotine, wasnt sure how that was going to work out. Also survived PMS, wasnt sure if my husband was going to live through that one, so good news for him.

I think I go through most of my days without craving a cigarette, but when a craving does sneak up, it can be a bit rough for a minute. Again. For a minute. Seems brutal for that minute though. It'll pass, my issue has never been month one through three. My cravings are worse at month four. Which is when I go back. I don't know if the excitement wears off or you let go of all your survival tricks?? Dont know, so far so good though...