My Day one to the hundredth power

Blog Post created by Carmensan on Jan 5, 2019

Day one again .... been reading up on everyone’s blogs. 

“In time, it will get easier “  that’s been playing in my mind on repeat. 


I tried reading Allen Carr -the easy way to stop smoking

.............. um I can’t attend his seminars and tell me something I don’t know? I’m trying not to be sour. He did say to read the book with an open mind and I gave up not even half way through.  I was turned off when I read about him describing his seminars and his hypnotherapy session.... like I can really sign up for any of those here. 


Im going to try and not eat until I’m super full because I feel that is one of what triggers me wanting to smoke. 


Trying to brainstorm what I can do to keep busy and my mind off of wanting to smoke. So far this is pretty retarded how I’m wanting to smoke , forgetting how terrible I felt when I smoked a lot and how my chest hurt. Forgetting how I felt every time I picked up a cigarette and the feeling of regret. Slave to just one more stick. 


Enough is enough. It’s now or never!