It’s been a while

Blog Post created by Cameree on Jul 13, 2020

Hello everyone it’s been such a long time since I’ve been up here. I’ve been smoke free for some time now I even forgot how long it’s been.  Someone please help me remember. Boy it feels so good. I’m doing great. I’m still waiting on my transplant haven’t raised the money for my living expenses yet I’m working on it I can’t give up. I had a set back last October and I was finally hospitalized in February for 15 days and the doctor tried to convince me that I wouldn’t get any better and tried to get me to put myself in a nursing home. I refused. I told her God had me in his hands and I wasn’t giving up. And believe me God brought me through again because I got better. With God all things are possible. And as long as I have faith it will all work out. I won’t give up just yet because God has plans for my life and so do I. I

will continue to check in and see how everything is going from times on. Everyone keep safe and wear your mask. I’ve been keeping busy making them. Keep up the good work I love you all.