Been a while

Blog Post created by Cameree on Jan 15, 2020

Been a while since I’ve talked to everyone I have been on the sick side my COPD flared up and I couldn’t walk 15 feet without giving out. When I sat doing it seem to get worse. But if I stopped and lean on a bed or the kitchen table it seem to get better. The doctor gave me antibiotics but I’m just now getting better after 2 months. I have started my fundraising for my transplant and will post the information for who ever wants to donate. It will be used for a good cause. See I’m trying to be a advocate for abused women and to let them know if they allow God in their life that they can begin to see a difference in struggling with getting over the abuse. I’ve also written a book about my life and abuse but haven’t got it published yet will let everyone know when it’s done. I want to say thanks to everyone who helped me during my journey on quitting smoking. And all of the advice paid off even though I still get the cravings I know that there’s something better than craving that next cigarette. So will talk soon love you all and thanks