Missing you all

Blog Post created by Cameree on Jun 16, 2019

How’s everyone doing thought I’d check in to see what’s new. I’m sorry I don’t post as much as I use to but my still try and check in to see what’s going on. Now w that I’m taking therapy it doesn’t seem as tho it’s helping me I don’t know why, maybe I just can’t tell but the staff say I’m doing good I ride the bike for 30 minutes each time I go an my oxygen only drop down to 96%. I guess I can say that’s good because it seems as tho when I’m out and walking it gets shorter than that. Maybe I need to take my pulse ox and check it b cause I just may feel tired but really not short of breath like I think I am. I really miss conversation with you all and I’m glad to be back. I hop all is well may god bless you all