Day 3

Blog Post created by Bskinner91 on Oct 9, 2019

I feel amazingly proud of myself. I have taken huge strides in figuring out my stressors, my “normal” smoke times, and figuring out ways to deal with those cravings without using a Nicotine  substitute. Some of my ways of release include cleaning, listening to music to relieve stress, I started doing yoga again, and I finally have gotten back into my art. Oh and instead of a cigarette I’ve been trying to replace it with water as well. I read about replacing it with candy but I have blood sugar problems so I couldn’t do that. I’ve been keeping a journal of my progress... 9 on the first day and only 5 the second day. Just know not everyone can just throw them down. I am just proud I have cut down that much in only a few days. Haven’t touched one yet this morning and don’t plan on it!