A little about myself and why I'm battling with addiction

Blog Post created by Bryson92 on Jan 2, 2019

Well my name is Bryson and im 26 years old. I'm transgender and have a daughter who is 9 and my other half is also transgender (we're both ftms ). I've had alot on my mind I've lost my best friend and my grandma in '01 my dad in '13 my aunt in '15 and my twin at birth. I have had a very rough life. I started smoking at a very young age and although I knew it wasn't good I did I smoked about a half pack a day n Vaped with high nicotine. Well what I didn't know was it eventually lead to hanging with the wrong croud and a bad change of attitude. It also led le to drinking n not just occasionally but I had lost everything and I drunk more than I should of one night and got waisted n had gotten poisoning from it so I had no choice but to quit. But I'm back at square one I tell myself every day it's not worth it. My dad always smoked a few packs a day he wanted to quit but the addiction beat him n he passed with a stroke n heart attack. He never meat me as his son n I want to do him proud I want to stop n get clean for myself for my kids n for him I've had alot of negative thoughts n trying not to go back down that path. I want to better myself so I can be a better man for my own good for my kid n for my dad.