Another Day, Another Dollar

Blog Post created by BryceEvans on Sep 12, 2018

I’ve had a decent time coping with cravings until recently. Work has been busy and I’ve been working very long days and cutting back on breaks. More work means more stress, and stress is definitely my trigger. 


Let me start by saying I did not cave on my quit. But I do want to share a few tips that help me release the tension of those hard stress induced cravings on a work day.


1. Breakfast

instead of my morning cigarette, I have my morning nourishment to get me going. As a smoker I never ate breakfast, but now I grab a yogurt or oatmeal paired with a tall glass of cold water or milk. 


2. Gum

this one I started recently. When those cravings really start hitting I go for a stick of gum or a strong mint. Seems to get my mind off of the craving.


3. Yard work

after a long day at work, I like to make it even longer. Mow the grass or do some gardening. This keeps me busy and keeps my mind off of cravings all together.


4. Invite over non-smoker friends

Sometimes when the cravings really get tough I’ll invite over, or go hang out with friends that don’t smoke. Obviously you won’t want to, because your non-smoker friends find it pretty repulsive. 


5. Stick close to the kids

if I’m not already, I go sit close to or play with my sons. They are my motivation to quit and being near them really helps. 


These are just just a few things that have helped me the past few weeks I hope they can help some of you as well!