That Grotty Feeling...

Blog Post created by Brenda_M on Apr 6, 2018

How's everyone doing? Quick update on me and my familial expansion: I'm 39 weeks, ready to pop. I have a C-section scheduled for Wednesday, but I have an appointment on Tuesday to determine if it's necessary, and if not, then it's cancelled, and we wait, I guess? I'll figure that out on Tuesday. I'm feeling pretty confident I don't need this operation. I was devastated to be told I needed to schedule one, but something about being 39 weeks pregnant, I don't know if it's hormones or fatigue or excitement or what, but the fear is really being overshadowed by a lack of effs. I am so tired of being pregnant, and I will take eviction of this fella by any means at this point, up to and including an Alien-esque bursting forth.


Anyway, nobody told me before I got pregnant that I was basically going to have a cold for six months. This last trimester has been the worst for congestion, sore throat, coughing, dry mouth and throat, and on and on. I was walking my dog yesterday, and sniffling up a storm, and I realized, right before I sniffle, snuffle, snort or do any other gross thing with the gross stuff in my sinuses, I still get a feeling of dread. Do you remember that feeling of dread? It was because, even though I must have, on some level, wanted to be a smoker, because, hello! I was a smoker, that taste in the back of your throat after that sniffle was absolutely unbearably terrible. Not that that didn't stop me from bearing it, of course.


It's been over five years since I quit, and I can still taste that nasty flavor in the back of my throat. Serves as an excellent reminder that I will never go back.