My (Likely) RSVP to EX 6

Blog Post created by Brenda_M on Nov 1, 2017

Hello, my lovelies! I have been scarce, but that's normal and hardly worth mentioning. This is my first blog on the new platform, which I think is sort of worth mentioning. I hope I do it right.


What brought me here is that I got the email about polling for EX 6.1, and I've been waiting for an excuse to say this, anyway. I really, really had a freaking blast in Virginia Beach, and I would do my very, very best to make it to EX 6, either .1 or .2, or in a perfect world, both! Spring just doesn't work for me, though. March might, maybe but probably not. April and May, I'm definitely out.


And let me tell you why.


I'm pregnant!


I'm due April 14, so unless it's in a day's drive of me, I can't really go before April 14, and after, I think I'm going to be busy. Probably tired.


I got a chromosomal test done, because I'm old, and so I got the sex early via bloodwork. I kind of want to make y'all guess, just for fun (and to get me back here). You have a 50/50 shot of being right.


Ooh, fun story: when I went in for the chromosomal testing, the lady asked me if I smoked. I said, "No, but I used to," and she said, "how long ago?" I said, "I quit five years ago." And she said, "Oh, that doesn't matter."


THAT DOESN'T MATTER, FOLKS!!! THAT, my friends, is freedom!!