No Tobacco or Alcohol during lock down in S Africa

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Apr 1, 2020

I'm so thankful to have a solid 3 year (and counting) quit. 

Cannot imagine what it must feel like for those who are still smokers.


Published by cape etc on March 26, 2020

Those who indulge in alcohol and tobacco products have been in uproar since ministers in an inter-ministerial briefing announced that the sale of alcohol and tobacco will be deemed “non-essential” during the 21-day lock down period. This will commence at midnight on Thursday, March 26.


On-consumption liquor premises such as bars, taverns and shebeens will be closed throughout the 21 days, and off-consumption liquor premises such as supermarkets and liquor stores will also be prohibited from selling alcohol. It is yet unclear whether the sale of cigarettes will be "illegal" during the lock down, but it is clear that the product is categorised as a “non-essential” item.


Supermarkets have been mandated to only sell products that are considered essential.  "Traders will be limited to ‘only sell the essential goods that are set out in the regulations’. We have a 21-day lock down, it’s not a year, and it’s not two years. It’s a 21-day lock down to try to see if we can contain this. We have to contain the spread of the virus; we have an enormous population of immuno-compromised persons".  "Cigarettes are not basic goods". Minister of Police Bheki Cele informed South Africans that they will just need to remain sober for 21 days.


Research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has proven that tobacco is addictive and reduces lung capacity. This may be an important detail in the battle against the corona-virus pandemic. Currently, those who smoke are advised to be prepared to not be able to purchase tobacco during the lock down.


There you go.  Thought you might want some news from 'down here'.  I find the idea of most of the world being in lock down surreal.    Have watched too many post-apocalyptic movies in my time I guess.  I still haven't been out but will have to get to shops in the next day or two - tomatoes and fruit running seriously low. My neighbour tells me it is deserted out there!


Stay safe

Stay strong

Warm Blessings to you all my friends!