Your saddest, maddest smoking memory?

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Dec 3, 2018

For me, apart from the fact that I smoked at all for 40+ years, the event that makes me sad and angry and disappointed in myself is that I missed Derek and Kathryn's daddy/daughter dance at her wedding because......

I was outside having my first cigarette of the day with 2 close friends!!!!!  (At the time I was pretty proud that I lasted from 7am to 8pm without smoking). 


Every time that memory flies by, I want to burst into tears.  I'm fortunate that the whole wedding is on video including their dance.  Still …. not the same as witnessing it live.


For the longest time I blamed the 3 bridesmaids for not one of them bothering to fetch me in.  It took 4 years for me to admit the bridesmaids had nothing to do with it.  It was myself I was angry with.


Stupid, stupid addiction!!