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Blog Post created by Bree19 on Sep 7, 2017

Thank you EVERYONE for your helpful, positive responses on my previous blog.  Instead of making me cry, you inspired me to go visit Kat - such a bad head cold, poor pregnant petal - (Mommy and chocolate nearly cured her!)


Anyhooo...they live a little outside Pretoria - in a 6 unit complex surrounded by open land, farms, riding schools, small holdings, sheep, cows (COWS!).  Not my happiest moment when they left civilisation and moved 17 Kms further away from me.  15Km of paved potholes ending with a 2 Km DIRT ROAD (no less).  Much too outdoorsy for me  - all that fresh air!!  But I took an extra Urbanol, bit my lower lip,  put my foot down and had a lovely (very fast) trip out to, what you all refer to as, the great outdoors.


But see, I KNEW I should have stayed at home.  Driving back 2 hours later an orange strangely shaped light came on.  NEVER seen it before - My Toyota RunX does not ever give me any grief.  So, heart in my throat I once again raced home - yes I used the mobile to phone the AA (Automobile Assoc.) while speeding - sorry.  I was scared.  The heating thingy on the dashboard shot up to red, then dropped back to normal, there was a loud humming sound from the engine ALL the way home.  It was 5pm traffic.  I pulled in at the Engen Garage (filling station) - Not one brain cell between them.  Threw a U-ie and aimed for home.


NOTE:  Didn't occur to me to go inside for a pack of cigs!!!


Derek and the AA were waiting when I got home.  There was no water in the radio thingy or something.  Kettles were boiled, lots of to-ing and fro-ing.  Baby got fixed and has enough water now.  Husband (bless him) forgot to do his car maintenance thing this past weekend with oil and water and such.  So he's forgiven, car is good, I'm going for either wool or a haircut tomorrow...AND I STILL WON'T SMOKE!

Hugs to all


Ps.  How lame is it that I'm HAPPY HAPPY America's Got Talent Season 12 is here?!