And baby makes three!

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Aug 20, 2017

Hi all.

Week 13 has arrived and it’s finally time to share…….gonna turn into a grandma!!  Yes we’ve known for 8 loooong weeks but promised Kat to wait till 12 weeks had passed before sharing with anyone.

Around the beginning of March next year Kathryn and Mikhail are expecting their first baby!!  I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling – in fact, my head hurts right behind my ears from smiling so much since yesterday when we started phoning everyone and sending out FB messages and getting all the congratulatory messages and phone calls back. 

It’s too much excitingness (of course that’s a word).

And she’s asked us to join them for the scan on Thursday this week which I never expected.  We’re so blessed that she wants us there too.  That’s normally the day for the mommy and daddy to get all googly-eyed over white lines on a black background pretending to see arms and legs, right?

So…. Without really planning this (because I thought they only wanted furry babies), I’ll be a sweet-smelling, no nicotine Glam-ma!  How cool is that?  My grandchild will never see me with a cigarette!!



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