Surprise!  Look what we got today

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Aug 17, 2017

Good morning from sunny SA

I tried to copy/paste a link here to show you we also get the white stuff on occasion.  But my plan didn't work. 

IT-savvy I am not.  So I managed one pic to share with you.  


I can't imagine standing outside in this cold to smoke.  So glad I don't do that anymore - not for 170 days so far!! 


Also pretty glad the snow stops south of Johannesburg.  Pretoria only gets the cold.  5 - 15C degrees (41-59 in F).   And Spring is only  2 weeks away!?  Imagine how long it's going to be before the water warms up enough so I can get into the pool!


Chat again soon

Frowny-face Bree