Can't wait for July - end of NML -PLEASE?

Blog Post created by Bree19 on May 28, 2017

Hi all.

Didn't plan on blogging.  But then saw I've made it to.................


No-one is more surprised than I am.


I know I'm quiet, lurking a bit, reading everything, commenting here and there but I feel anti-social so just keeping it all to myself.  Freedom Park seems very far away.  But I'm not tempted or craving - just "leave me alone" sort of thing.  

This silence is not because I want to quit my quit, I'm just in a bad mood which feels permanent but the knowledge and support I read about here supports me too, even though I don't want to chat back.  I still swat away the smoky thoughts - they last literally 4 seconds.


Newbies take heart.  The elders and a lot of others all speak the truth when they say it gets better.  It really, really gets better after 2 weeks.  Follow the program, blog and use your quit kits...and...breathe.