3 Week Update

Blog Post created by Bree19 on May 16, 2017

Hello all.

I've been a bit quiet ...  healing, sleeping, lurking, sleeping, reading blogs, liking, sleeping and more healing...very peaceful.  WELL medicated after getting my 2nd titanium knee 3 weeks ago today. 


I'm still smoke free (75+ DOF) much to both the doctors' delight.  Being nicotine free definitely made it easier for the surgeon...don't know what it was ... but he was happy.  Happy doctor, happy Bree.  Successful outcome yay!

I managed to bend my knee to 90° on day 2 to everyone's astonishment and walked with Zombie (my walker) by myself on day 3. I threw no tantrums, behaved like a model patient, and was sent  home on day 5 with many lovely little boxes and bottles.


I can honestly say I never had one smoky thought that whole week.  I know I was semi-comatose half the time but in the past I could have smoked under anaesthetic if anyone offered.  


Also witnessed some trauma/drama in my ward in the middle of the night and found out I'm allergic to Morphine.   So eventful but never boring.


Since being home though, smoky thoughts are floating in and out.  It worries me because since 27 Feb I've been expecting a real craving and NOTHING happened except moodiness and tears and rage for a week or 2.  After that I was completely wrapped up in my upcoming knee replacement as well as worrying about gaining the weight I'd lost with so much effort for 6 months.  So I really don't know if I'd really stopped smoking?!  Have I?  Or have I only been holding my breath to get through the surgery which scared me so much?  Is all the bad stuff still coming?  Am I in NML or am I in week 3?


I'm so happy to be back and that you're all here for me to lean on and to throw questions at and to be confused with.  (SUCH bad grammar).  


Bedtime for me now...probably supper for you?  Night night Zzzzzzzzzzz