Sitting illegally to chat to you.

Blog Post created by Bree19 on May 2, 2017

Hello me maties!  Think it’s about time I got out of the foggy medicated state to say – HELLO I’M BACK.  I SURVIVED. 

I want to thank each of you for your prayers, thoughts, light, angels and hugs.  They were not wasted.


I was happy Derek could connect with you after the surgery to keep you informed.    He’s not a happy e-person but he wrote down every bit of comatose direction I gave him on how to get to you.  I wanted you to know your prayers and good thoughts were not for nothing.


Doctors said I sailed through it on Tuesday. Even the Anaesthetist came to see me afterwards (!!) to make sure my quit was serious and forever because (compared to my last surgery as a smoker) it made her life a breeze during the amputation and reconstruction of my knee (I LOVE dramatising!). 


Post-op recovery was uneventful.  Hi care 2 days instead of 5 like last time.  Ward time 2 days instead of 7.  Because I’ve managed to bend my new knee to 90 degrees so quickly, they kicked me out Sat morning with loads of instructions and pills.


So, smoke-free me is REALLY chuffed.  I’m once again so glad that I’m rocking this quit along with all of you.  It made the whole surgery monster shrink to an almost non-event.


Yes I hurt.   But I was given strict, no nonsense, instructions to take EVERYTHING as prescribed till the 5 May follow-up visit – DON’T wait for pain before medicating.  Don’t play ‘girl-power’ and shun the chemicals – hey presto!  That works. 


ALWAYS use the walker (or Zombie as I fondly refer to it).  You will hurt yourself if you try to limp a short distance.   They’re so clever, these medical types.  I’ve twisted my knee badly twice now since Saturday because I only had a few steps to get to a light switch or water without zombie!   BAD idea!


Do not stand.  Do not sit.  Only walk or read/sleep.  Them’s my choices.   Hence my silence since Sat.  I can’t lie down and type?!


I’ve been lurking a tiny bit.  Trying to play catch-up.  MAN we’re a vocal lot!  So I’ve only skimmed and I’m not keeping up.  Sorry! Pledged once or twice.  ‘Liked’.  But not much else.


Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 I’ve been following you specifically because of wives and shoulders & C-Pap sleeping.  Seems I’ll call you Derek the Second.  I’m also being cared for and helped 24/7 – nothing is too much trouble for him, even when the stiffness or pain makes me lash out at him (my mouth!).  Even when I need help turning in the middle of the night, he’s available.    I want to make sure you know how much your care and attention means to your wife (Chris?) and that we know how blessed we are to have you guys.  Just stay mindful of your own little bursts of sleep – you need them, so that you’re not in a coma every time you “wake up”.


Confession – I WANT TO SMOKE.  B.A.D.L.Y.  Finally entered NML @ 60+ days?  Or maybe reward myself?  Who knows?   I just want a smoke.


And now I’d better stop this illegal sitting session.  Giulia and Sharon, tomorrow I’ll do a blow by blow account for you privately so as not to gross out our other quit buddies.


Reading so many of your blogs makes me realise I’m not very good at this.  I write as if it’s a letter to a friend…not a thoughtful & wise page of thoughts and insights aimed at struggling quitters.


BUT I’m still not smoking AND I survived AND I’m healing so maybe one person gets inspired?