Thought I was going to lose it!

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Apr 22, 2017

Not my quit.  My mind.


It's official;  this site but, more importantly, all of you = MY NEW ADDICTION!

We've been off-line for about 36 hours and I was pacing around like a caged animal.


Not that I needed help/guidance with cravings/wanting to smoke - didn't even think about a smoke.  (YAY!)

Just needed you at my fingertips.


What a joy I'll be in hospital next week - electronic free!!???  Unfortunately, theft is still a big problem in hospitals so no mobiles or laptops are safe.

Derek will have to bring my laptop with him every visit so that I can just stay in contact.  Imagine HIS joy watching me ignoring him!


No - will have to get over this like I'm getting over smoking.   One dose of medication at a time - hehehe.

Does it show how excited I am to be connected again?


Now to catch up and calm down.

Love to all 

Bree 50+ DOF