Happy Dance!!

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Apr 18, 2017

50 days!  

Me?  It defies all logic and all Bree-like endeavours.  I don't stick to things.  I don't like 'joining' activities.  I give things the good old college try.....very excited, start with lots of energy and commitment and then it fizzles out after a week or a month.  By then I've proven to myself I can do it, whatever IT was, so now I can stop.  (Mostly diets)

But this quit of mine has now become very real and precious to me.  It's for life and I intend to see it through whether it's a short or long life.   I cry over blogs here on our site for 'my people' with diseases I had never heard of before - and I know I can still get them even though I've quit before they present themselves.  Every day is a gift - and a smoke-free gift at that!  

  I am just so freaking happy and proud and amazed (and clearly self-congratulatory),


Thank you EX-ers.   Could NOT have achieved this without you.   ONWARD!