Anyone fall out of bed lately?

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Apr 14, 2017

Twice in the last 10 days I woke up on my way to the floor.  The landing is painful all down my left side especially my Titanium knee.  It feels as if that knee takes ALL the impact (till today when all the painful places are making themselves known one by one).  


Since that knee was replaced 5 years ago, I’ve never been able to kneel so getting up is a genuine 10 minute struggle because the other knee has no cartilage and just rubs bone on bone (replacement next week 25 April). 


Now picture the scene - remember I’m a very big girl, I have 2 herniated disks to worry about and I’m half asleep, my heart’s hammering from the sudden fright, I’m trying (all at the same time) to wake up, sit up, check I didn’t kill my dog who sleeps right there, trying to wake my husband who sleeps with earplugs, trying (and failing) to pull myself up, holding onto the duvet (!!) and wondering where my mobile is.  Because even if I can wake my husband, he will not be able to get me up and I need to call burly young paramedics.


Anyway, managed to reach and grab onto the burglar bars and pulled myself up, but it freakin' HURT.  And hurts even more today.


One cup of tea later (notice no cigarette) and I’m back in bed.


That was a long preamble to my question – who’s fallen out of bed lately?   Because the last time this happened was in 2000 when a doctor told me adults only fall out of bed due to epilepsy or a brain tumour.  First port of call was the sleep lab and I was diagnosed with severe sleep Apnea – slept 12 minutes a night or some such ridiculous number.  Fitted with a C-Pap and went on my merry way…sleeping a wonderful 8 hours every night since  (and obviously decided there's no epilepsy or tumours)


But in the last year, since being retrenched last March, I sleep “violently”.  If I’m not hitting my husband, I’m destroying my bedside lamp – have to replace number 3 when the shops open tomorrow.  All other kinds of stuff land on my dog – tissue box, bottled water, earrings, alarm clock, mobile, kindle, specs.   I know I’m dreaming a lot but can remember none of them.  I know they’re upsetting dreams but remain a mystery.  I can’t blame quitting or smokemares – never had 1 of those.


So I really am just interested if anyone else experiences falling out of bed?  Do you think I should be concerned?  Tell a doctor?  Go back to the sleep clinic?  Any advice or insight welcomed.  Or a joke or witty come-back right now, will be welcome too gregp136