21 Days quit?

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Mar 20, 2017

Well my 21-day quit must be just an illusion?  The tracking below reckons I'm still fully puffing away.  

Even though my quit date is correct.   Sob...sigh...perhaps it was just all a dream.... if so, why am I still so aggro?



Quit Date: February 27, 2017





I'm still hanging in there with my 0-days of freedom above.  It's still not easy - well week 2 was OK-ish but this 3rd week is messing with my mind, my sleep, my eating plan, my friendships, my dear and patient husband, my understanding daughter,  my darling (irritating) dog and cats and everyone else who passes my way.  


I now cannot remember who said it a few days ago but it describes where I'm at perfectly:  "I'm ready to high 5 everyone I see across the face with a chair"  (paraphrasing).


I'm lurking about here daily, reading everything, responding or liking very little (sorry, it's not personal), but your blogs and comments are keeping me focussed.  My own resolve - not so much.  


Week 4  is starting - any wisdom?  Or should I just shut-up now and stop wasting your time?

I love you all dearly - each and everyone - I just don't feel like communicating even tho' I'm rambling on...and on ... and on ...and on...