Day 14 tomorrow & I don't understand

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Mar 11, 2017

I've just finished catching up on my inbox - I keep meaning to do more work and reading and then get lost in all your messages.  But there's a lot to learn in  your blogs and responses too.  I spend more time reading you guys than I talk to my family.  Do you think perhaps they're enjoying the silence?


I don't understand something.  The last 10 days, although moody and irritable with many 'leave me alone' moments, I'm not experiencing cravings.  I sometimes think a cigarette will be good right now (mostly after b/fast and supper) but it doesn't feel like what I expected a craving to feel like.   Or the way you all talk about it or describe it.    I just think of it for a moment and then sort of say to myself - No, not've stopped. I'm waiting for the CRAVE.  Is it going to come still?   Will it unexpectedly hit me still?  Tomorrow is the end of week 2 and I'm starting to wonder what's happening.  (I smoked 20-25 a day and a lot more in the early days for altogether 40 years with one quit attempt in 2014 - lasted 5 weeks)


Do others experience delayed symptoms?  Days 1-4 ... oh yes the were awful for sure.  But since then, just fleeting thoughts.  Any insights?