Day 11 - so bad

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Mar 9, 2017

I don't know why.  I survived the moods, tantrums, cravings of the first three days.  After that my quit kit came in handy for the 2-3  minute craves many times a day.  Today however, stuck in my head, not a craving as such...just a thought.  A strong thought.  Breathing, straw, chewing gum, water, walking...the thought is just stuck there.  "You can just taste it to make sure it's disgusting".  Is that my addict talking?  B!&%*h!  Where did she suddenly come from?  I was expecting her in NML?


Then, just to top it off, we watched a movie (The Intervention) where, I think, every character smoked.  I could smell each one I saw!  I should have switched it off, it really wasn't anything great...but I watched every cigarette.  


I still haven't smoked today.  Was going to try to stay awake till 3am to chat to you folks but I think better to take this nagging voice to bed and sleep her away.   Sorry folks.  Won't be meeting you this time, sadly.  Please blog tomorrow about all we're missing?