Here comes the first weekend...

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Mar 3, 2017

Hello all.

Just finishing up day 5 here??!

I have no clear idea of how I got through the first 4 days - except that I was miserable.  Angry, Hungry,Tired, Violent.  One day I ate constantly.  The other 4 days haven't eaten much but my cats and my husband have all remained unharmed - surprise!  

I was so sure I was ready for this;  ready for the cravings, mood swings, etc.  I had all my strategies worked out and ready and easy to get to to.  But in that long 4-day "moment" my brain wasn't functioning - breathing slow and deep didn't occur to me.  I literally just gritted my teeth, squeezed my eyes shut and said/shouted:  I WANT TO SMOKE!!  Then I was OK for a bit again.

Today for the first time I felt the crave, breathed deeply and steadily for a minute or 2 and just carried on typing.

Even better than that, I was past my shower and having coffee this morning before I thought of a cigarette 

What these 5 days have taught me - stay busy.  But I mean properly busy.  Fortunately both friends I type for had a lot of sudden, urgent work - had to finish today, so I was truly busy from 9am till after 8 tonight.


I am so surprised that I can say I've been SMOKE FREE FOR 5 DAYS!!  I wanted to be able to say it, I was wishing for that miracle, I tried to imagine last Sunday night how I'd feel by the weekend and it all SEEMED rosy...but not quite believable and only a wish with a small voice saying : "Yeah Bree, we'll wait and see...I give you 24 hours".


5 days  = 120 hours give or take.  Me!  The eternal smoker!  Heading for heck week.  

Thanks everyone for holding me up this week.  I'm still wary of my first weekend, but I'm really motivated again.


Enjoy your smoke-free weekends that you worked for so hard!