Starting tomorrow

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Feb 26, 2017

The final Sunday before my quit.  I'm taking back my life.  I choose to be an EX. 


It’s a little bit exciting…and very scary.   But unlike last Sunday I am way more educated and prepared. I’m NOT moving my quit date another week on again.   I still have prep work to do today but I need to write down my progress so far – for myself.  In a permanent location ... not on bits of paper.


I must still:    Re-visit and update my Profile with my quit plan and my reasons for quitting.  Navigate the site some more (still not too sure about my competence).  Finish the Allen Carr book.  Buy a new Rubik’s cube and new coloured pens and pencils. Find/Add some more distractions/busyness for idle hands.  PLAN MORE, keep paying attention today.


So far my planned actions for creepy craves are deep breaths, water, brush teeth, reach out to EX-ers, go hobble/walk with crutches outside, do pre-op exercises, finish crochet blanket, phone ex-smoker friends (all 3 of them), colour book, figure out the cube again and remind, remind, remind myself – Self:   you used to go 8 hours minimum back when employed… can you just hold out for 3 minutes? 


I’m expecting lots of unexpected triggers but my worst are pain, any anxiety, panic, unexpected drama causing stress.   Can’t do drama anymore. 


So things already in place:  Husband primed for ***** on wheels, sugar free gum, straws, Jazz & Blues cd’s, guided meditation cd’s, Kali Phos, all episodes of Friends, Raymond and Grey’s, well-established eating plan, good snacks, Weight Watchers team leader on speed dial, the disposable lighter is rapidly running low (serendipity?) and STAY on this site permanently.


Still need to:  record Planet Earth, throw out all ashtrays, snuffers, empty lighters and left-over smokes (!!!) tonight, find belief in my abilities, find ongoing determination, stop fearing failure, and whatever else I’ll come up with in the wee hours tomorrow.


Enjoy your Sunday EX-buddies.  You will surely hear from me tomorrow.