Bree's quit

Blog Post created by Bree19 on Feb 20, 2017

Good evening all!

Day one of prep week is now over.  Last night I built a bridge and  got over myself to control the fall-aparts.

First goal today was cutting back from 25 to 15.  It's past my bedtime and I've smoked 14.  So...  happy dance when I brush my teeth soon.  SO happy.  I knew I was out of my league with this rubbish  20-25 a day

Tomorrow's goal is to finish the Allen Carr book, read more old blogs and stopping at 13 cigs.  I can see myself going to bed earlier and earlier to achieve these cutbacks...but even that is good for my health.  Get off the laptop, gather the cats and dog and snuggle in bed reading a good old thriller (for about 10 minutes) and then it will be:  Bree out!


I think I have the banner figured out ... but do you think I can insert a pic of myself next to or under my title above?  Not even a clue.  That will be Wednesday's challenge.  


Sleep tight.  Night night