Change in Perspective

Blog Post created by Breakthecurse2020 on Aug 2, 2020

Perspective. It’s a funny thing. A situation in the eyes of two people can mean something completely different.


Or, changing the way you see your situation can change your attitude toward it.


Today I had a lightbulb moment. No one is holding a gun to my head forcing me to vape, and no one is forcing me to stop.


I get to chose. I have the power. I’m in control. I can get in that car and drive my rear end to the store, or I can chose something different, better.


....and just like that the desperation and urgency is gone. I’ve stopped feeding my mind with negative thoughts. The “can’t” , the “don’t”, and the failures.
Instead, it’s positive. I can vape but I’m deciding to drink Starbucks instead. I’m deciding to win in freedom. I’m deciding to chose me, and I have complete and total control over the outcome. 

Simple, yes. As simple as it may be, it has empowered me to make it through the day a little more cheery, a little more in control, and a lot less anxious.  I hope it helps you too