Grace for Today

Blog Post created by Breakthecurse2020 on Jul 31, 2020

I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired of frequent trips to the bathroom-everywhere I go. I’m tired of excuses and trips to the “store”. I’m tired of living in fear wondering whether or not I’ll be found out. I’m tired of spending every spare dime I have, and then some on vape products. I’m tired of hating who I’ve become and not wanting to be seen.


I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired of living in the chains of addiction. 

Today is my DAY 1.... My new day 1 because I’ve failed and failed so many times before, including twice this week. 

Today I’m strong and confident. Today I can feel the freedom, but I know that freedom could be fleeting. Day 2 comes tomorrow and Day 3 usually kills me.


For now, I have just enough grace for today.