Get to Where Not Smoking is Normal for You

Blog Post created by Breakinthechains on Jun 24, 2017

Hi everyone,


Just checking in. I've been keeping very busy with my home delivery job. Summer is a busy season for us so working a lot, but very happy to have the work. I Just wanted to share an experience I had the other day. You see, some of our warehouse workers are smokers, and one of them smokes in the trucks. So the other day I opened the door to my truck and BLAM! Heavy smoke stench! But rather than get angry about it, or worse yet, be tempted to smoke, I rolled down the windows to let the truck air out, and walked away laughing. You see, I am no longer tempted to smoke. I am free! I even whispered "I don't do that anymore." This is still a good habit, no matter how long you've been quit. If you are early in your quit and still struggling, keep going, you will get there! If you are a long time quitter like me, keep some of those practices in place that work for you (like saying I don't do that anymore). Life is so much better when you are free!