Maybe it's How You Look at it?

Blog Post created by Breakinthechains on Feb 12, 2017

A lot of talk about stress and triggers. Triggers unfortunately are very real. For some folks avoiding triggers is best, but maybe there is a different way to look at it. Something I keep stressing (no pun intended) is that people smoke because they feel stressed. But if you realize that SMOKING ONLY INCREASES STRESS, and that it in no way helps the situation, you will have a successful quit. I mean, why do something if you know it isn't going to help, right? In fact, it makes it much, much worse. The sooner you realize this the better, it will change the way you think about smoking once you realize that going to that crutch isn't going to fix anything. The way to fix this is to never touch them again, it's the only way to get off the ride.