Happy Halloween !

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Oct 31, 2018
  1. Hi Ex'ers !

I feel guilty because I haven't checked in with you in such a long time ! I do have problems typing on this little device so I will not take up to much space !

I just checked my numbers .....1361 days of smoke free freedom and I have this Ex Community to thank for all of them ! 

If you are new here or just trying to quit please stay with this Ex Community .I had tried numerous times to quit I was a 52 or was it 53 year smoker I got all the caring support I needed to finally make it !

There are Elders  here  (I will not name  them for fear of leaving someone out ) who have been here a long time and can help you as they helped me t to quit for good !

I never get craves anymore, have not for a long time so if you are new please know it gets so much easier ....if I were to smoke now it would not be because of a Nicotine  crave it would have to be a very deliberate choice .I do not know why anyone would want go back I love the freedom I have now !  

I spend so much time trying to edit as I go along because this kindle changes my words !!! So on that note I will close for now and try to come back more often to get to @ know some of the newbies and to see how my other Ex'ers are doing !

        Happy Halloween        !