1,005 love the comma !

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Nov 9, 2017

Hi Ex'ers , 

I finally entered the Quad Squad this week and got my comma ! I want to thank all of you for helping me get to this place in my quit !!! 

I know sooner got here and a few days later had such a horrible day that I had to really fight the urge to smoke for the first time in a long time ! That nicodemon reared his ugly head and all day I had to fight the demon ! I had to keep reminding myself that i had more then 1000 days even though I suddenly felt like I had never quit ! I kept telling myself smoking would not make me feel better and it would be like biting off my nose to spite my face ! I knew I would hate myself if I lit up after all this time .

I don't need to get into the details  but suffice it to say it had to do with my anger which has always been the biggest trigger for me . 

I know I am an addict I may always have these moments of temptation but I know it is a choice and i chose to continue in this quit I really do not ever want to go back but it was a close call . I even picked up my friends pack of sickerettes and could have taken one that is how close I was to blowing this quit of mine !

That is one good reason never to keep cigarettes on hand after you have decided to quit because it is so easy to give in to an impulse that would pass .I think that many quits are ruined on an impulse ! 

During this awful day  my computer was ruined but better that then my quit ! I now have been reduced from a  beautiful HP lap top to the tiniest laptop I have ever seen . 

I am grateful to even have one ! 

I will never take my quit for granted I have worked hard to get to where I am today and I will not  give in to ole nic no never !

Thanks for being here for me my friends !





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