My Vacation and 50th  Class Reunion 

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Oct 29, 2017

   Hi Ex'ers,

       I haven't blogged since I got back from vacation and it was a fantastic one well worth the wait ! I also was blessed with fantastic summer weather in October. I had a great visit with my sister, my son and my grandson amd friends . 

      My class reunion was a lot of fun  two very funny things happened to me . I was at the bar ordering my seltzer water when suddenly I had the strange sensation of the floor sinking the ore i walked the stranger it felt and it seemed more on the left side looking down i was horrified to see that the heel of my nice shoes had completely fallen apart and was leaving a black trail of material every where I had walked !  How embarrassing is that !???? All I could do was go bare foot and make the best of it by laughing it off ! 

Then the class president and others who had made the reunion possible decided they would crown a new King and Queen of the prom by drawing names from a hat  I said to my friend joyce I never win anything if my sister Diane were here she would surely win .....but it would be just my luck to win it barefoot I know sooner said that when I heard Bonnie is our new queen !!! So I lost my shoe but won the crown reminds me of Cinderella and her lost slipper.....The gay head Cliffs 


The MV Times newspaper was there taking pictures and there will be a write up in the Island Paper probably next week . 

I must say It was so great to travel on the bus, and the boat, eat out in restaurants go to the reunion stay with a non-smoker all of that and never having  to try to fit smoking in or sneak out to smoke or feel so uncomfortable in withdrawal waiting to have my fix !  It is so much easier being an Ex-smoker . If you are struggling with your quit don't give up it is so worth it to be free !


Vineyard haven harbor on MVI

                              me my son and his friends at dinner 


My class reunion Photograph I am the one with my mouth wide open in the middle ! Never could keep my mouth shut LOL