Support Needed

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Aug 3, 2017

Hi Ex'ers !

             ( I really did not know how to title this Blog)  

   I have not been blogging very much I spend most of my time on Ex going to celebrate milestones on The Freedom Train .I remember how much it meant to me in the beginning of my quit to get support and to cheer others on well ,even at 907 DOF I still like to get and give that support ! I also spend most of my time commenting on conversations ,Questions or blogs .This site is so HUGE now It amazes me to see so many names on The Train that I do not even recognize .....even Ex'ers who have years in !

  I want to share with you all  that I have not been feeling well lately very tired, aches and pains , headaches digestive issues  (the big D ) for the past 3 weeks ,and a cough that began for no reason, and feeling very weak I have not even been walking something I used to love to do ! Finally got a Doctors appointment last week I had a chest x-ray which came back showing an area of inflammation possibly pneumonia or a virus and I was tested for Lyme disease because I had a tick bite in May that looked bad even though it was not the typical bulls eye rash .

   Long story short it came back positive I had Lyme in 2014 which was one of the things that lead me to quitting smoking now there are 2 more bars which means I am reinfected . The treatment approved by the CDC is antibiotics, strong ones for 21 days and I am not sure what to do . I never felt like the first Lyme infection ever was cured  by that treatment and antibiotics damage your own immune system . 

Has  anyone here had Lyme or is now suffering from chronic Lyme ? I would love to hear from you .

Enough of my complaining I will definitely NOT smoke over it ! Sometimes an illness can lead to improvements as my first case of Lyme did for me. I had to strengthen my immune system and I was changing my diet etc. and soon realized smoking just had to go !!! I could not get healthy while putting nicotine and all the toxins that are in cigarettes into my body It was a very strong incentive to quit !

I have been looking forward to visiting my family next week now I don't know what to do .

Remember newbies NOPE and SINAO are the way to go !