Keep away from your  face !!!

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on May 30, 2017

Today I actually had an unlit cigarette in my mouth and was all set to light it up ! I was very angry at my friend I won't get into the why's and the she said this and I said that point to that, but I will say I was about to light one of her cigarettes in the car while arguing with her  not because I really wanted to smoke but out of spite !  Thankfully I was able to stop myself before I blew it ! I realized who would I be hurting ? No one but myself ! It was a close call though..... to close for comfort !  

This anger management after quitting has been very difficult for me . I am a rebellious person by nature and usually my friend ,even though she is a smoker ,will refuse to give me a cigarette when I get tempted but the last few times she didn't really try to stop me I really had to rely on my own self control . It was a bit scary but I made it through . 

I am glad you all are here because in the back of my mind even during the "crisis" I think of all of you, my elders, my mentors,  my advisers, my cheer leaders, my quit buddies and even you newbies ...... when I am weak I know the power of the group keeps me hanging on !

You hold me up !