800 days of Freedom

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Apr 18, 2017

   I was doing some spring cleaning and came across the journal that I kept for the first few months of my quit . In it I found this statement which was in reference to reading Allen Carrs book "The Easy Way for Women to Quit Smoking" .  He must have suggested writing  a personal revelation  because this is the way I  wrote it   :

    My Revelation :

          " Quitting smoking is not self-denial it is rather coming to the realization that to quit is to gain self-respect and confidence and  to end a senseless slavery to an addictive drug that constantly leaves an empty feeling and requires the " little monster " to be fed at  least 20 times a day and if not more ! "

     I am very happy today to be free of the "little monster " I remember feeling very empty inside for quite awhile after I quit it was an annoying  symptom of my withdrawal from the nicotine but it went away ....ALL  the symptoms do go away and it is so worth the effort  and the wait ! 

   Occasionally I do get a crave but it is not the same as in the early days and months of my quit ,it is now  more like a memory that is a little bothersome but goes away as I just SMH and say "I don't do that anymore " 

   I smoked for 52 Years of my life ! I am grateful to all the Elder's  that came before me, to my quit Buddies and to all the Newbies who have helped me to  get to these  wonderful 800 Days of Freedom .