continued 738 and brain tricks !

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Feb 15, 2017

    Hi  Ex'ers I am back !

         I didn't want to just leave it there so that is why I said continued . Yes we have cabin fever plus we are complete opposites in nature and habits we have managed to be friends and share a home for 20 years now . Even friends living together can have "relationship issues " especially when cooped up in the house so much in February . I have always disliked this month the most ( January too ! )

       Another change has been my total retirement I used to work about 4 days a week for 4- 6 hours each day and that gave us time separated I am seriously thinking about a part time job again ! 

       I choose this month to quit 2 years ago for exactly that reason I needed a change and what a change it has turned out to be ! The best Change I ever made in my life !

       Today I was washing the kitchen floor ,a chore I haven't done in years ,one my friend and room mate usually does . When I finished I found myself wandering around the house and my bedroom looking for something and I suddenly realized I was looking for the "ghost cigarette !  It was that old " reward smoke " rearing it's ugly head ! Even after 2 years My brain can sometimes react out of habit !

This is why it is so important for us Ex'ers to be vigalent  ( why can't I spell this word correctly !   ) and protect our quits ! I am so glad that  I have  you, my Ex friends, to vent to and who will always be here to give me and anyone else who needs it  support  !

In the beginning the reward cigarette was one I really missed I had to replace it with other things like coming to Ex or having an iced tea I have pretty much gotten over that but today just doing a task I hadn't done yet as an Ex brought it back .SMH ! Have a wonderful smoke- free day everyone !


P.S. For the newbies it really does get easier don't let this throw you It was not like the early craves It was just a memory and easy to say "I don't do that anymore " !