Day ??? Maybe 717

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Jan 25, 2017

Well I figured out how to make a blog but what I really want to know is how to get to everyone else's blogs and where are the message boards and how do we send a PM to someone ? I like the banner I did figure that much out ! I feel like I am all alone here !   oh I got a smiley face that is new and I like it !  Maybe  I will even be able to figure out how to upload pics on this site !

My son Gabriel was rushed by ambulance from the Olean NY ER  to Buffalo General again with severe seizures His wife came home and found him seizing on the floor . They had to medically induce a coma and interbate  (Spelling ! )him so he could breath. It was a repeat of what happened to him in September . So very scary but I thank God that today he is awake , off the breathing tube and stable .   I had to wait it out here in NH . I never even got to this site yesterday and with that happening  I completely forgot about the change happening here . The thought of smoking is so far away now I didn't even think of it .To all of you newbies who can't even imagine not wanting a cigarette You will get here if you commit to your quit !

I could not find the freedom train and I know Jimmy hit his 2 year anniversary today He is one of my quit buddies and Jackie is another buddy  who is celebrating her 2 years and I think it is today or very close so Happy Anniversary to you both I am following close behind you !

Please pray for my son even though he is out of the woods for now I don't know why his seizure disorder has gotten so severe . He was a Premie and has had CP  and a seizure disorder since he was a baby but it has always been controlled by his meds and when he did have a seizure it was not this bad he did not need a respirator .

One other thing my quit counter from Ex is gone !