Day 3 almost over thank God ! this is an oldie I wanted to share with the newbies and anyone else too !!!

Blog Post created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Feb 10, 2015

I made it through another day ...well almost done ! Today was a little harder I felt grouch ...very irritable and a few times wanted badly to light up ...but I didn't . I said to myself quite a few times today " I don't do that anymore ! " I had a few arguments with my roomate / friend nothing serious but arguing is a big, BIG trigger for me ! Last night when it was close to the time to take off my patch the area under the patch began itching like crazy when I took it off my skin under and all around that area on my upper arm was really red and itching I was very worried that I was developing an allergy to the patch . Normally it  only itches when I first put it on in the morning for about 30 minutes . I think maybe I have been putting it on the same places to often so today I put it on my upper chest and so far so good . Another big trigger for me is talking on the telephone and it is hard to avoid because all of my family and friends live far away . The other day when I was on the phone with my sister I found myself wandering around the room looking for something as I was talking and suddenly realized I was Looking for a cigarette ! So I sat down and picked up my straw ! I really enjoy reading all of your blogs and getting to know you Thanks for being here