Those straws

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Feb 18, 2020

had to go.  I had two of them, clear ones cut the length of a cigarette, one on each little table where I drink my coffee.  Those urges have FINALLY subsided, although I'm still watching Mad Men (on the last season).  So I put them away in a drawer where I keep some of my candles and the matches I use to light them.  Opening that drawer last night I got a weird feeling when I saw them.  Realized they looked like they could be used as an accessory for a white powdery drug.  Also the fact that my granddaughter usually comes over once a week after school and she might see them and wonder what they were for.  It was also a flashback to my "closet smoker" days, hiding all the "tools" (lighter, ashtray, matches, long butts--yes, I would keep those as the smokes I smoked were expensive) in a place where no one who visited could possibly find them (or smell them, in the case of the butts, which I kept in a cigarette pack).  Oh my, the memories....





Have a wonderful, glorious, stupendous, kick-up-your-heels for joy if you can, dance down the street, sing with the birds, shout at the sky, SMOKEFREE Day!


Bonnie   ~772 DoF