Mad Men

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Feb 10, 2020

Is my most recent addiction.  I discovered "binge series watching" when I had shingles last year and since I've never been much of a TV watcher, except for old movies, there is a bunch of stuff out there waiting for me to get addicted to.  "Grey's Anatomy" got me through shingles and I haven't found any other series as gripping until "Mad Men".  Never been to New York, didn't know anything about the advertising field, and I enjoy all the background details: the clothes, the décor, the way history is woven into the story, the fact that it all takes place pre-high tech...I'm hooked!


And boy, DO THEY SMOKE!  Almost EVERYONE smokes.  ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE.  Pregnant women smoking (and drinking).  Smoking in restaurants, smoking at the family dinner table.  Last night a main male character held a baby up and had a cig dangling from his mouth.  Now that was rather shocking to observe from today's viewpoint.  It made me realize that some things HAVE improved in this world .  


It also made me realize that, subliminally, the show may have contributed to those urges I've been having.  Even though rationally and consciously I've been thinking "yuck!" while watching the show, the addict in me is probably saying "yummy!  let's go do it, too!"  When I first started my quit, I would stay away from old movies that made smoking look glamorous.  There is SO MUCH smoking in "Mad Men" that it's a turn-off, at least that's what I thought.


I plan to finish watching it--have a couple of seasons to go--but I'm happy to report that I had no smoking urges over the weekend, even though I did indulge (in "Mad Men").  I'm thinking of it now like being around a bunch of smokers in real life: you may feel secure in your quit, but you must remain ever vigilant.


Let's all have a safe and healthy week of FREEDOM FROM NICOTINE!


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